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How to change main domain of a cPanel reseller account

How to change main domain of a cPanel reseller account with an existing domain name? Here are some tips on cPanel reseller account modification. It’s quite simple if the new domain you wish to set as primary of your WHM re-seller is not under the same account. It can be simply managed from the “Modify an Account” section. You can simply modify the account information from this location. As it is a re-seller, you must do the following steps after modifying the account. Make sure that;You do not want the current domain and data. If you need it, please take backups. Change reseller ownership of all accounts under that reseller to the new username. Check resellers name-servers, if they are using their own. Switch reseller priveliges to new user. And so on. Here I am listing some steps to changing the reseller main account that I have done few days ago for a client. His actual requirement is: “Change the cPanel reseller account’s main domain to an already existing domain under his reseller account” Example: He wants to set up “nextdomain.com” (already existing under his re-seller account) as main domain for his re-seller account. Also, wanted to terminate the current main domain “currentdomain.com”. Steps: 1, I created a backup of “nextdomain.com” (The domain he actually wants to set as main domain). 2, Terminated that account “nextdomain.com” (To avoid conflict when modifying the existing domain with new). 3, Modified the existing account with new domain name, I didn’t changed the $user name. The user name change will cause problem with all his accounts’ ownership and its little complex. 4, Replaced the “public_html” contents with the data from the backup I created. 5, Also, replaced the “email” folders with new. 6, As it was a WordPress site, created a database and restored it from the backup.