EUROBANK (Επιλυμένο)
  • Προτεραιότητα - Υψηλή
  • Προσβεβλημένος Διακομιστής - Dias Linux server
  • Αγαπητοί συνεργάτες, Σας ενημερώνουμε ότι θα πραγματοποιηθεί διακοπή στην επικοινωνία του συστήματος ηλεκτρονικού εμπορίου της Τράπεζας στις ακόλουθες ημέρες και ώρες : Κυριακή 5/12 μεταξύ 12:00 έως 01:00 π.μ. Και Κυριακή 5/12 μεταξύ 05:00 έως 06:00 πμ. Ευχαριστούμε για την κατανόηση σας. Τμήμα Ηλεκτρονικού Εμπορίου

  • Ημερομηνία - 05/12/2010 00:00 - 06/10/2012 11:04
  • Τελευταία ανανέωση - 03/12/2010 14:21
Network Maintenance 02:00-04:00 (am) EST Satu (Επιλυμένο)
  • Προτεραιότητα - Υψηλή
  • We will be performing the second round of upgrades on our network next weekend.  The maintenance window will be 02:00-04:00 (am) EST on Saturday, May 15th.

    The purpose of this maintenance is to perform an upgrade to our other Core router to add capacity.

    Exected impact should be minimal. 1-2 minutes (or less) for BGP convergence but, in the event of a problem, there could potentially be downtime.

    Please notify your customers about the full window accordingly.

  • Ημερομηνία - 04/05/2010 10:30 - 06/10/2012 11:04
  • Τελευταία ανανέωση - 04/05/2010 10:31
Apache and PHP have been upgraded. (Επιλυμένο)
  • Προτεραιότητα - Κρίσιμη
  • Προσβεβλημένος Διακομιστής - Dias Linux server
  • Apache and PHP have been upgraded.

    Please note that PHP 5 is running in suexec mode which have specific requirements on files and directories permissions. You can read more about this here:

    If you need to turn register_globals off with PHP5 just create a new folder in your public_html directory named _custom_php_settings and place a settings.ini file inside the directory which contains regsiter_globals = off directive. This will work for other PHP variables as well including some you cannot change with .htaccess.


  • Ημερομηνία - 25/03/2010 05:27 - 26/03/2010 00:00
  • Τελευταία ανανέωση - 25/03/2010 05:29
scheduled network (Επιλυμένο)
  • Προτεραιότητα - Υψηλή
  • Please note that we will be performing scheduled network maintenance next Friday night to replace one of the copper blades in one of our core routers.  Although the time frame for the maintenance is 2AM-8AM (Saturday, February 27), we do not anticipate any lengthy downtime as a result. We expect the transition to go smoothly, however, should complications arise, some customers might experience downtime during the maintenance window. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we make our network improvements.

  • Ημερομηνία - 25/02/2010 15:49 - 06/10/2012 11:04
  • Τελευταία ανανέωση - 25/02/2010 15:50

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